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Welcome to the official unofficial Black Market Baby website.

BMB fans—if you've got any photos, flyers, fanzine interviews, old radio interviews, TV appearances, live audio or video tapes of the band, get in touch! The same holds true for anyone who knows how to reach John Bailey (aka JB), John Blessing, or any of the myriad of people who crossed paths crossed with Boyd and Co.


2009/01/14: Just a quick hit with the feather duster and added the zoomable record and backgrounds to this page. An mp3 of Drunk and Disorderly is available for download on the songs page.

2006/03/03: Rustbuckit, Boyd and Mike's current band, have a myspace page now. Check it out and keep an eye peeled for their first album--hopefully coming out sometime this year!

2006/02/10: Could...Shoulda...Woulda... has been out for a while and the response to it's been pretty good. If you haven't bought a copy yet, do so! Boyd was interviewed by WTOP radio about the new CD, and Henry Rollins has played a couple cuts on his radio show.

2005/10/17: Could...Shoulda...Woulda..., the new BMB CD on Dr Strange is set for release on January 10, 2006. Mark your calendars!

2005/06/20: Interview with Boyd is up under Info > Articles. Hopefully there are a few more BMB interviews on the way...

2005/06/15: More photos in the gallery, thanks to Ellie Moran. The infamous Snitch review has turned up at last, and you can read that down on the history page.

2005/05/02: BMB have been talkin' with Dr Strange about the possibility of a new BMB CD. No title as yet, but the beast's been mastered (so it's definitely coming out somewhere) and it sounds great. There are six unreleased songs, and two songs that are obscure enough that you probably haven't heard 'em.

Tracklist is:

  • Originally released as a 45.
  • Originally released on the Connected compilation.
  • Originally released on the Senseless Offerings LP.
  • Originally released on the Baby Takes/Baby on Board LPs.
  • Originally released on the Odd Man Out compilation.
  • Originally released as a 45.
  • Unreleased material from the Durty Diapers CD.
  • Originally released on the Capitol Crisis compilation.
  • Originally released on the 9:30 Live compilation.
  1. Youth Crimes
  2. Potential Suicide
  3. America's Youth
  4. World at War
  5. Downward Christian Soldiers
  6. White Boy Funeral
  7. Senseless Offerings
  8. Strike First
  9. Killing Time
  10. This Year's Prophet
  11. Gunpoint Affection
  12. Three Bullets
  13. Drunk and Disorderly
  14. Just Like All the Others
  15. Back Seat Sally
  16. Parasite
  17. Bloodstreet Boys
  18. Which One Am I?
  19. Sixteen Forever
  20. Joe Nobody
  21. Cheap Fun
  22. Creature Feature
  23. Lip Service
  24. It's Too Late
  25. Drunken Bull
  26. Nobody Wanted Us (live)

And for those few, brave fools who've kept on reading, there are a few new photos in the gallery...

2005/04/11: Congratulations to Mike Dolfi and his new wife, Sarah. They tied the knot on March 26.

2005/01/29: Construction begun.

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