black market baby

Documentary evidence that there was at one point a band called Black Market Baby is pretty thin on the ground. What I've managed to scrape together is presented here (often without the permission of the copyright holders!). Enjoy.


Unicorn Times was a free arts paper—something like the City Paper. Eddie Bronx, get in touch!


Skinflint was Sab Grey of Iron Cross' fanzine. Iron Cross and BMB were pretty tight and this interview with BMB was the first (and as far as I know only) band interview to appear in Skin Flint, showing up in the third (and final?) issue. I wasn't aware there'd even been a second issue—let alone a third—until Boyd turned them up while moving, so there may be more... Appears courtesy of Sab Grey. The photos that appeared with this article are uncredited—the mystery photographer should get in touch with me, if possible.


Thrillseeker was a thick DC-based zine done by Tony Lombardi and the Kiviat family—between them they probably saw every show in DC from 1982 to 1984, and every single one was documented in Thrillseeker. There were only three issues, and this interview comes from the third and final. Appears couresty of Steve and Brian Kiviat (who remembers his own turn singing with Boyd as being a blast).


Flipside...what really needs to be said? The magazine was an institution, though I've found their post-1981 interviews to be lacking. Sadly, this piece on BMB is just another example of their long decline. Spelling is uncorrected.


Interviews conducted by your humble webmaster for :30 Under DC (aka THUD) and Dementlieu magazine. Arranged in whatever order seems appropriate.


Boyd Farrell (by email)

Mike Dolfi (by email—never finished!)

Mike Donegan


Skip Groff on working with the band.

Don Zientara on Potential Suicide.

John Stabb on the band as an inspiration.

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