black market baby


Boyd and Mike's current band...look for their first album sometime this year.

Mike Dolfi's BMB page

Currently defunct.

Dr Strange

Famous record store/record label, and current home of Black Market Baby. Bill's a real music fan--I remember a couple years back we were talking about External Menace and how great a band they were...and now he's reissued their fantastic comeback LP. Look for the Black Market Baby disc soon.

No Cause For Concern 'zine
Boyd Farrell Interview from Issue 9

Nicely done archive of this Canuckistani fanzine.

New Standard

George Dively's bands—the first being the source of Tommy Carr and Scott Logan (not to mention Mike Crosson, who joined Campbell and Farrell in the Vile Geezers), the second being Mike Dolfi's home in the summer of '80. To quote Boyd, "I can see George Dively throwing darts at my picture and and making tiny Boyd voodoo dolls to stick pins into!"


Whence came Paul Cleary.


Baltimore's greatest punk band and Keith Campbell's home for a while. They did a great version of Nobody Wanted Us.

:30 Under DC

Tootin' my own horn here. There are a coupla BMB interview excerpts in the THUD forum and Half Blind Bubba Grubb himself is a regular poster... Some Rustbuckit (the current Dolfi/Farrell project) stuff is up in the mp3 section as well. Check it out.

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