black market baby

battle between the giants

Battle Between the Giants 7"
Black Market Baby - Nobody Wanted Us / Suzie Dear / Cheap Fun // Outpatients - Land of the Lost / TV Violence / Pushbutton Warfare
released in 1990

Three demos, maybe outtakes from the Senseless Offerings session? Sound quality is sub-par, but still enjoyable. Suzie Dear sounds different than the Bouncing Babies comp. Mebbe this is from the fabled "Uncle Boyd Tape"?

nothing lasts forever

Nothing Lasts Forever 10"
Total Waste [Flipside] / Back Seat Sally [Bitz] / Human Hurricane [Bitz] / Parasite [Bitz] / Out of My League [Bitz] / Suzie Dear [Bouncing] / Close to the Skin // Can't Get a Break [Bitz] / All In It Together (Pirates) / Creature Feature / Skinhead / Crimes of Passion [Bitz] / Nothing Lasts Forever [Bitz] / Drunk and Disorderly (Shirkers) [Bitz]
released in 1990

Everything is at the wrong speed, and none of the speed differences are the same. Some of it's slow, some of it's fast, some of it's really fast. Sound quality is uniformly horrible—even the stuff taken straight from vinyl has a ton of surface noise and plays fast. A lot of this stuff was officially released—go and find those versions (on the two Bitzcore LPs, the YaT 45s, and the Crimes 7") since they have nice stuff like a proper mix, backing vocals, and liner notes. The only things this record has that the official releases don't is tape hiss and surface noise. This record is a fucking waste.

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