black market baby


V/A - Connected LP
World at War / America's Youth
released on October 25, 1981 by Limp Records

Worth picking up for the BMB stuff alone (two of their best), but actually really nice compilation even without that—good stuff from the Slickee Boys and Nurses as well.

Yesterday and Today still have copies of this.

bouncing babies

V/A - Bouncing Babies LP
Suzie Dear
released in 1984 by Fountain of Youth Records

Suzie Dear is a song Mike Dolfi brought with him from the New Standard. Good stuff, but there was better sitting on the shelf... There's lots of other worthwhile stuff here as well. Pick this up if you see it...

Out of print but not terribly hard to find. Try GEMM or eBay.

flipside vinyl fanzine

V/A - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine LP/CS
Total Waste
released in 1984 by Flipside/Enigma Records

Monochromatic rock compilation. Total Waste is the weakest released BMB song too.

Out of print. Try GEMM or eBay.

odd man out

V/A - Odd Man Out 7"
Backseat Sally
released in 1988 by DSI Records

I have to confess, Back Seat Sally is my least favorite BMB song. The music is catchy as hell, but I think the lyrics are kinda dumb (though they make a hell of a lot more sense now that I've got the right ones).

Out of print but not hard to find. Try GEMM or eBay.

nothing lasts

V/A - Nothing Lasts 7"
Nothing Lasts Forever
released in 1991 by Bitzcore Records

Okay compilation of stuff, mostly previously released by either Bitzcore or Lost and Found. The unreleased stuff is uniformly lo-fi and disposable. Came with issue 5 of Flex! magazine (which is much harder to find than the actual record).

Out of print. Try GEMM or eBay.

faster louder 2

V/A - Faster and Louder Vol. 2 CD
Potential Suicide
released in 1993 by Rhino Records

Rhino picked Potential Suicide as one of the quintessential American hardcore records. Who am I to disagree? Also features ridiculously inaccurate liner notes by Johan Kugelberg.

Out of print. Try GEMM or eBay.

fistful of yen

V/A - For a Fistful of Yen CD
Downward Christian Soldiers / Killing Time
released in 1996 by Century Media/Bitzcore Records

All previously released material. Also has stuff from United Mutation.

Out of print. Try GEMM or eBay.

capitol crisis

V/A - Capitol Crisis CD
Drunken Bull
released in 1996 by Cyclops Records

Drunken Bull was a song from Lethal Intent, Mike Dolfi's old band. Killer song, too. Comp also features the Vile Geezers' best cut, a great version of BMB's When Rebels Were Real. Lotsa other DC stuff as well.

I think Boyd might still have a bunch of these.

930 live

V/A - 9:30 Live 2xCD
Strike First / Three Bullets>Killing Time / Nobody Wanted Us
released in 1997 by Adelphi/Genes Records

Recorded live at the 9:30 club's last blast before moving. Sound quality is horrible—there's been so much noise reduction applied that it sounds like it was recorded underwater. Still, it's nice to see Nobody Wanted Us released officially.

Still available from Adelphi Records.

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