black market baby

I was actually in touch with Mike Dolfi before I was in touch with Boyd—early 2004. I started interviewing him by email, but that just didn't work out. I'll have to see if I can get a phone interview with him.

First and foremost, how's your name really spelled? Mike, Mik, or Myk and Dolfi, Dolphy, Dulfi, Dölfi, and Dülfi. Record covers are amazingly inconsistent about it. What's the proper spelling?

Mike: I spell it Mike Dolfi.

What was your first introduction to punk rock in DC?

Mike: I saw the Slickee Boys, Bad Brains, Teen Idles as well as many other great bands at Madams Organ and DC Space. I was so into this new scene, first for the great music, and second from the people being united as a community. Everyone knew each other, everyone was there for the music.

What were your activities prior to Black Market Baby? I seem to recall reading that you were in the New Standard, were there any bands before that?

Mike: Yes I was in the New Standard with George Dively who was in the Penetrators. My first band was the Resistors, we played a lot of shows in DC, that's where George picked me up, then Boyd stole me away from New Standard as he also stole Tommy from George and the Penetrators.

What was your first exposure to BMB? Did you know any of the band before you joined?

Mike: I saw BMB at Madam's Organ and thought they were great. I was very fortunate to get into the band with a great guitarist in Keith, he was innovative in his style, a real great guy and songwriter. Tommy was the best drummer in town, his way of drumming was so different and so strong, he and I fit so well together with my aggressive playing, it made it so easy. Then of course there's Boyd, his stage antics would floor me at times, and his words could stir you up. He knew how to get the crowd up. The band could have really been great.

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